Thuthugani specialises in hands-on management of forestry and agricultural projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Demonstration of Excellence: Thuthugani Contractors Come First in Mondi Northern Region Business Unit  Driven by one of our values – Excellence, on 12 April 2018 Thuthugani Contractors (Pty) Ltd received the following Mondi best performing awards:
  1. Regional Silviculture Contractor of the Year
  2. Area Safety Award
Management would like to thank all Thuthugani employees for the dedication and hard work shown in 2017. Indeed we have lived up to our vision ‘Thuthugani will be a leading silviculture service provider in the South African forestry sector’.     Mark Prigge (Mondi Dumbe Area Manager) presenting Best Performing Contractor in Dumbe Area to Thuthugani.      Denzel (Mondi BU Central Manager) presenting Best Performing Regional Silviculture Contractor of the year to Thuthugani       Thuthugani among other award recipients.   Our employees are the source of our strength and success. On the 20th of April 2018 Thuthugani Team celebrated its’ achievements at Toverton Offices. The team is geared for ‘The Best Silviculture Contractor in Mondi South Africa in 2018’ award.                                                                                       

          Thuthugani Team