Thuthugani specialises in hands-on management of forestry and agricultural projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Thuthugani Contractors have a sound business practice and proven track record dating back to 1999. With a reliable base of competence in Silviculture, Fire Protection, Conservation and Managerial services, we are well respected in our field of proficiency.

We believe in growing together step by step.

Thuthugani contractors are committed to BBBEEE compliancy and community social involvement and specialise in afforestation, rehabilitation, conservation re-establishment projects and fire protection.
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Current contracts include:
Land clearing, re-establishment, tending, pruning, conservation work and fire protection on the following plantations:BTG Pactual Tygerskloof plantations including Lenjane, Nyati and Louwsberg plantations.Mondi Forests Paulpietersburg plantations including Utrecht.

Why Thuthugani?

Thuthugani has been operating within the NOSA 5 Star safety standards since 2004.

Since 1985, Thuthugani has:

  • Planted / re-established in excess of 140,000 hectares of timber
  • Carried out weed control operations in excess of 400,000 hectares
  • Pruned in excess of 40,000 hectares of Pine plantations

What We Do:


Land Clearing


Land Preparation






Tending (weed control)


Control of insect pests


Fire prevention and control




Environmental control

Our Vision

Thuthugani will be a leading silviculture service provider in the South African forestry sector.

Our Values


Integrity and Honesty are the foundation of every relationship we have. We will always be guided by what is ethical and right.


We will respect ourselves, our customers, our collegues, our partners, our competitors and our investors. We will treat others with the same respect that we would like to be treated.

Customer Service

We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients. We strive for long term, robust relations that are based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Environment & Community

We will conduct our operations with consideration of the community and the environment and will continue our efforts towards protection of the environment.


We will foster a culture of collaboration and mutual accountability. We will do what it takes for our team to succeed whilst supporting the success of the greater team.

Trusted By

Here are some of our clients who rely on our project management expertise.
Mondi Forests
Mondi owns or leases 380,000 hectares of land in South Africa, of which 243,000 hectares is planted with hardwoods (e.g. eucalyptus) and softwoods (e.g. pine and spruce). We also lease and manage 2.1 million hectares of mainly softwood forests in Russia. This makes us potentially 60% self-sufficient.

Mondi Forests

Komatiland Forests
Komatiland Forests (KLF) owns and manages the prime softwood saw log forestry assets in the Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal provinces of South Africa. KLF came about through the restructuring of the commercial forestry assets of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) and South African Forestry Company Ltd (SAFCOL). The company boasts a long and profitable history with its plantations already in rotation. An integral part of the South African Forestry Industry since the early 1900s, Komatiland Forests commenced operations as an independent business unit in November 2001. The principal objective of the company is the long term and sustainable development of its assets in line with acceptable management practices and conservation principles.

Komatiland Forests

Sappi Forests has some 527,000 hectares of land under direct and indirect management, of which 380,000 hectares are forested. More than 34 million tons of timber stands on this land. Sappi’s owned plantations provide 70% of the wood needs of our Southern African businesses.


As we stand today these are Bedrock’s vital statistics: We operate primarily in mining support , dunnage and palette and crating markets Number of employees: 2 000 employees Timber production: volumes: 500, 000 tons Major contracts with Anglo platinum; Gold Fields and Lonmin Geographic footprint: Mills from Louis Trichardt in the north; along the entire timber belt to Northern Natal… Skills: a great mixture of experience and; professionalism makes this team an unbeatable one!


Merensky plantations comprise both pine and eucalyptus, totaling ca 74,000 hectares, across South Africa. Our plantations are the largest privately owned managed on a sawlog rotation. Adhering to and often exceeding local and international standards for environmentally sustainable forestry management practices; the Merensky plantations continue to provide the highest quality timber to both the local and international markets.


BTG Pactual
BTG Pactual brings more than 30 years of experience to the management of 1.7 million acres of commercial timberlands in Latin America, the USA, Europe and Africa, representing assets and commitments of nearly US$3 billion.

BTG Pactual

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